Our new LiquidAlaska website includes features such as:

Improved navigation with quick links to dive deep into the website directly from the home page

Support section which includes a full range of user resources, and improved search functionality

Breakdown of search parameters for products and services via product classification, usage, and end user requirements

Fully responsive design, suitable for the device and screen size of your choosing

Of course, the launch of our new site is just the starting point. We will be continuing to improve the content, features and resources available in the near and distant future.

Reason #1: WordPress

Designing the website in WordPress provides the ability to update the content easily. So say, we want to change a photo, add in some of our work — it’s easy and doesn’t require a professional designer either. This means that if your website is in WordPress you can add content all on your own.

WordPress makes it possible to add over 1,000 plugins like a shopping cart to extend functionality and user experience. And the bonus is that these plugins can be added later on as needed.

Reason #2: Responsive Functionality

Building our new website to be “responsive” makes it work seamlessly on multiple devises from desktop to tablets to smart phones. Ever try to open up a web page on your phone with no success? Probably not designed to be functionally responsive. If you rely on your website as a business tool, it’s imperative to have your site formatted to display appropriately on multiple devices.

Reason #3: Design Trends

Along with the ever changing style trends like font types and color, a common trend found among websites these days that we wanted to utilize in our new website include (but are not limited to) large full-browser images, more negative space as well as more content.

These are the top 3 changes we made in our site, but we also added and changed many features and designs throughout the site. We now have a blog, link to our social media sites and naturally added lots of new examples of our work.

So take a moment and look around. Welcome to our site!